Bowel cancer is now one of the most common internal malignancies in Australia. One in 20 Australians will develop cancer of the large bowel during their lifetime, but this increases to 1 in 10 in particular groups of "higher than average risk" individuals. Bowel cancer is uncommon under the age of 40 but the incidence increases progressively after this age. Recent studies suggest that this cancer can be prevented in the majority of cases, if individuals at higher than average risk enter a Prevention Programme.

The Bowel Cancer Prevention Programme was founded by a group of Gastroenterologists, who have been involved in matters relating to the prevention of bowel cancer for over 15 years. This Prevention Programme provides knowledge about bowel cancer, methods of prevention and an opportunity for individuals to minimize their risk of developing this disease.

The Bowel Cancer Prevention Programme works with institutions, unions, community based groups, superannuation funds and insurance companies to give their members information about bowel cancer and how to prevent it. Now, we are offering this information to the general public, whereby an invitation will be extended to individuals to participate in our community based Bowel Cancer Education and Prevention Programme. Simple steps, including dietary ones, may be all that is required to minimize the risk of this disease in you and your family.


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